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The Digital Marketing Mix now involves a great deal of tactical and functional website modifications to improve a websites ranking on Google. The days of spamming leaflets out to businesses and consumers throughout the UK is now a thing of a past with a record 99% of leaflets being placed in the bin the moment a home owner see's one. In today's time how does a person find out about something? Typically they'll search for it on Google or another popular search engine. Websites that appear near the top of Google (excluding Paid Search Adverts via Google AdWords) didn't appear there simply by chance - the have been search engine optimised, a process of improving a websites appearance to the eyes of Googles organic algorithm.

There are many SEO agencies that we have reviewed throughout our existence as a Web Design agency - some focusing on link building activities whilst others focus on content optimisations such as LSI Keywords and content marketing strategies. All in all, we discovered that fixed price SEO Packages were the way to go, given that we found in the past agencies unknowingly raised the prices of an SEO campaign that we bought into. These types of programmes tend to involve a digital account manager, who'll look after you throughout the entire process from initiation to ranking no.1 for a range of phrases related to your industry. However do be careful when looking into the terms and conditions of these types of organisations. Why? Well some do lock you into lengthy contracts, spanning worst case 18 months. This might not be the route you'd like to take when it comes to climbing the Google mountain.

How to Get More Sales from Your Website

If you have a business website, it is likely that you will want to use it to get attention for your brand; to gain customers and to generate profits.  The problem a lot of people find when they launch a website is that it is very hard to get seen on search engines. The main […]

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Why You Need to Hire a Pro Web Designer

There are a plethora of DIY style web building programs available these days to help the non programmer get their websites built quickly. These can be a fun way to get a basic site up and running, but they are not always the best idea for professionals or businesses.  Here, you may be better off […]

Using the Right Layout for Your Site

Your website should be a good source of information for people looking to buy your products and services, so it is important that the layout makes the best use of the space.  Ensure that your key information is easily readable without needing to do too much scrolling or searching around. Call to actions should be […]